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PROS & CONS of DTG Printing

DTG Pros

Fast turnaround time for small orders
Easily print tons of colors; Great for photos

Cost-effective for smaller runs

No minimum order

Available on all colors or materials

DTG Cons

Not cost effective for larger runs

Slow printing time per shirt

Limited design placement


Here at Wendy B's we are dedicated to quality by using the best equipment on the market. We are currently direct to garment printing with a state of the art Epson SureColor Direct to Garment Printer.

So. What Exactly Is DTG Printing?

First off, don’t confuse DTG printing with those cheap, iron-on style transfers of yesteryear. Like we’d sell you shirts that are infamous for fading and cracking after a single wash. Instead, the DTG process is a relatively new printing method that produces incredibly high-quality artwork that will stay put for years to come.

DTG or direct to garment is also sometimes called digital garment printing, digital apparel printing, and inkjet to garment printing. If you see those phrases anywhere it’s the same thing, but we prefer DTG.

Essentially, DTG printing is a process of printing graphics onto textiles and garments—and most most notably for us, tees. It uses modified inkjet technology to print whatever graphic you want onto the shirt. Think of it like a giant inkjet printer, but for shirts. Rather than printing out boring thesis papers or flyers for your book club, our DTG machines are printing badass dragons jumping through hoops of burning unicorns—or like, a cute lil bunny rabbit for your kid’s birthday. 

Our DTG printers can print over 16 million colors directly to your shirt in one single pass.

Our ink is completely safe and dries quickly. The ink will soak into your garment itself and become part of the shirt—and not just essentially be a glorified sticker like those old-school iron-on transfers.

Contact us today for a quote on your direct to garment printing needs.

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