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Here at Wendy B's we specialize in custom design work. We have helped create images for businesses of all sizes - both small independents and large corporations - as well as law enforcement agencies, churches, and school and community organizations and athletics. We also offer a complete digitizing service to work with existing artwork or logos.

We take great pride in our work and strive to offer our clients the highest quality work and customer satisfaction. Each piece of merchandise that comes off of our machines is individually checked for compliance with our strict quality standards. Our goal is to ensure that your merchandise, all of it, is representative of our highest quality service every time. We currently have more than 30,000 designs in stock for you to find the right look for your project.

Let the Wendy B's team of experienced professionals take your next project from adequate to outstanding!


"We've done approximately $40,000 worth of embroidery business with Wendy B's so far and they consistently turn out the highest quality product for the fairest price! The Wendy B's team is pleasant and courteous and they never miss a deadline! Thank you Wendy B! You make us look good!"
-- Bodega Bob

"I just received the t-shirts. WOW! you guys are great!"
-- A. C.

"Wendy, when I got saddled with producing the t-shirts for this year's company picnic, it was enough to make me think about finding another job! Like I don't have enough to do? But you made it so easy, the tees look great, and the boss thinks I'm Wonder Woman!! I even volunteered to handle them next year! Thanks a lot for making this easy!!!!!"
-- Sarah C.

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